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art materials manufacturer

3D Canvas

We produce cotton and linen canvases 3D with the spruce battens of semicircular profile 3D ( 30x35 ). The battens used for manufacturing the painting looms are joined and glued together and thus the battens are strong and the frame does not deform. The linen is are made in Italy.

We use cotton (mix) or 100% linen which is universally primed. The staples are are bit on the backside. Every canvas is packed into the hot foil and the expanding wedges are attached. The canvases are labeled – the yellow label is for cotton and the orange one is for linen.

We offer a wide range of regular sizes and we are also able to make other sizes for special orders.

  • Batten profile: 30mm x 35mm
  • Dimension:  from 24 x 30 to 100 x 120